Balfa Historic Bikes

These are bikes that put Balfa on the cycling industry map. They are pre-BB7 models, so BB7 Model history is a natural continuation of this page.


  • Year 1994;
  • Produced for 7 years;
  • Originally a downhill racing bike, then it became enduro/XC frame in 1995;
  • 6" (152 mm) of travel (in 1994!);
  • 4" (100 mm) of travel (and aluminum front end) in 2001 XC model;
  • URT (Unified Rear Triangle) suspension design (one of the first on the market).

MTBR reviews: original model and 2001 XC model.


  • Year 1995;
  • Produced for 4 years;
  • Designed as a downhill bike after switching the Wooly Bully into more XC-friendly;
  • Made entirely of Cr-Mo steel;
  • Aluminium front end added in 1998 (for the first time in Balfa Cycles);
  • URT (Unified Rear Triangle) suspension design.


  • Year 1998;
  • World Champion and Canada Cup Champion bike in 2000;
  • Described as a "competition-eating-monster-bike";
  • 9" (228 mm) of travel;
  • Originally made of Cr-Mo steel, then aluminum front end was added;
  • High pivot suspension design.

MTBR reviews: NR and Nouveau Riche.